Seven tips for businesses to master Social Media


Here are seven easy to use tips for getting the best out of your social media feeds for your business.

It can be frustrating to get results back from your output but the main thing is you have a plan, act like a human and talk to your customers - don't sell to them all the time. Show them the real you and you never know - you may be surprised.

1 Make a commitment to social media

The first thing you have to do is make a commitment to social media.

Like any other form of marketing, social media for businesses can be a challenge It’s hard to grow an audience, create content, and increase engagement.

We have all seen it when brands have given up on their social media output because they got bored or just didn’t have time to do it themselves. We have all been there and sometimes businesses think of social as something to do after they had finished their work for the day.

It usually takes eight months to one year to really to grips with your social. Not only to get a consistent stream going but to figure out what your audience wants.

It all starts with planning. Fail to plan – plan to fail. Create a social media strategy and write it down and go with it.

2 Show off your personality

The second tip for businesses is BE YOURSELF.

Think about the brands that you follow on social media…. What makes you follow them? Why are you interested?

Creating a great social media is about connection and experiences. The best brands out there share a common point of view with their fans. No one wants to deal with a robot – so be yourself and SMILE while doing your social.

3 Listen to customers rather than promote

Great social media programs are built around listening to customers, not promoting to them.

Social media offers an incredible, open-ended platform that you can use to communicate and engage with customers.  And if you’re stuck on what to post, look to your customers first for ideas before anything else.

4 Focus your efforts on selected networks

Social media networks are like shiny new objects. We want to be everywhere at once But if you try to focus on lots of social networks then you’re setting yourself up for a long road ahead.

So focus on a particular platform that allows you to hone in on successful tactics.

5 Remember that success follows passion

Another tip is to remember that passion helps generate truly great and memorable content.

Success on social media is a long road so be prepared to put the work in, if you want to get the right results.

As a business owner you can pick a topic that you love and are truly passionate about.

6 Experiment with video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most talked-about topics in social media right now.

People engage more with video content and they love to see the people who work behind the scenes, So get started and it will help your business,

In terms of video it seems that people are more likely to interact with it if you look at the follwing stats. One is video length. On Facebook, for example, the highest engaging videos are between 60-90 seconds.

The second highest is between 30-60 seconds. Same holds true for Twitter. So keep your videos short and to the point.

7 Get the most out of your content

One of the most key aspects of social media is to get the most out of your content.

Businesses and entrepreneurs have so many things going on at once that it can be easy to forget that it’s not always necessary to send out brand new content to be successful. Just stay passionate and keep going.

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