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Located in the vibrant heart of Northern Ireland, Fullerton Social Media is more than just another digital marketing agency. We’re your dedicated local partners, passionate about propelling local businesses to online success. Here’s a glimpse of what sets us apart:

Comprehensive Services Tailored For You

  • Robust Social Media Strategy: Engage, connect, and grow with a strategy that mirrors your brand’s ethos.
  • Paid Advertising & Google Ads: Expand your reach, target efficiently, and get a better ROI.
  • E-mail Marketing & SEO: Stay connected with your audience and rank higher in searches with our expert strategies.

Production Excellence

Whether you’re seeking an enticing product showcase, a comprehensive explainer video, or captivating brand storytelling, our team crafts high-end videos and animations to perfectly voice your brand’s narrative.

The Local Advantage

Our intrinsic understanding of Northern Ireland’s digital dynamics allows us to incorporate local SEO-tracked keywords and hashtags. This ensures your brand resonates with our community and enjoys enhanced search visibility.



Ready to supercharge your online presence and engage meaningfully with your audience? Your journey to becoming a local online sensation starts with just a call or an email.

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Together, let’s sculpt your brand’s digital legacy!


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